Phonograph – I think this was at my grandfather Comer’s house. They always kept it in the front room; we had to go in there to play it. The large records were mainly religious songs.

Radio – Atwater Kent battery set. At our neighbor’s house (Mr. Birchett). On Saturday night we’d listen to the Grand Ole Opry. He also had a horn and a head set.

Car shipped by rail – At the Old Depot, the Ford T-Model’s body would be in one crate and the chassis was in another. The cars would have to be assembled upon arrival. I was very young when I first saw that because we’d pass them as we were going to town.

Toll Gates – On Sparta Pike, Hartsville Pike, Nashville Pike; these roads were privately owned. People charged for the use of their section. This would last until the state of Tennessee took them over. The going rate was 25 cents for a horse and buggy.

Airplane – The first one I saw was on Coles Ferry Pike next to the old fair grounds. I was in school at the time, second or third grade.

Barnum & Bailey’s Circus – That was about 1925. It was in Nashville. There was a circus that came to Lebanon – it would be out around the Tex Maddox building. That was all open territory then, and that would be the first one I saw. The circus I saw in Nashville had a great parade of animals and clowns and the calliope.

Silent, Black and White Picture Shows – Tom Mix is what I remember. The theater was on South Cumberland, the other side of what was until recently John Hatcher’s store. There was a restaurant where John Hatcher’s was. Papa would give us a quarter to go to the show and we’d get in for lO cents and then spend 15 cents for a hamburger and a coke!

The first time I rode in a car making 40 miles an hour – Ollie Foutch had bought a Dodge coupe. We were on Sparta Pike about three miles from town.

The first TV I owned – a fellow called on us selling automobile parts and televisions. His name was Sinclair; he also called on Bob Padgett. Bob, Ramon Davis, Pierce Dodson and I each bought one from him. The local repairman wouldn’t fix them so if something broke I had to go to Nashville. My set made several visits to Nashville. I still have it upstairs.

The first car my dad ever bought – It was a T Model Ford roadster. It was used; we bought it from Uncle Frank Comer for $375. We lived on the top of a small hill. We had to crank the car, but we’d use a horse to haul it up the hill. If we couldn’t crank it, we’d pull it back up the hill again.

Street on the Square and around – I remember the streets when some were gravel and not black-topped.

My first and only motorcycle ride –Wallace McDowell and I met at Independent Drug Store, a hangout. I started walking home up at the corner of Gay Street, and he offered me a ride. A very short time later I realized this wasn’t for me so I threw my hat off, thinking to escape this way. He went back and picked up my hat without stopping and then took me riding about three blocks out West Main and then to my house on Gay Street. Some of the streets were gravel and the ride was rough!

Early Telephone – It was hanging on the wall with a hand receiver and a crank. It was a party line – usually about eight on a line with a different number of rings for each party. It seemed to me it was busy all the time. The operators were very nice about helping you get calls through.